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The Health Reporter is a quarterly newsletter published by the National Indian Health Board. Each issue of the E-newsletter contains up-to-date information on NIHB programs and issues surrounding Indian health in this country.

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Tribal Epidemiology Centers (TECs) work in partnership with the local or area Tribes to improve the health and well-being of their Tribal community members by offering culturally-competent approaches that work toward eliminating health disparities that are faced by AI/AN populations. Accomplishing this often requires the TECs to work with a coordinated approach with the Tribes, the Indian Health Service (IHS), other federal agencies, state agencies, and often academic institutions throughout the country.

Tribal Epidemiology Centers provide various types of support and services due to the variation of the TECs organization structure, divisions, Tribal populations, and their mission and goals. There are currently 12 Tribal Epidemiology Centers in the United States. However, it is important to note that the TECs are not Tribal specific to one individual Tribe or Nation and they are not IHS region/area specific.


To improve the health of American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) by:
  • Identifying and understanding health problems and disease risks
  • Strengthening public health capacity
  • Developing solutions for disease prevention and control


  • Increased awareness about Public Health needs in Indian Country
  • Strengthening Capacity & the Practice of Public Health in Indian Country
  • High Level, Responsive Expertise on Public Health Subject matter & methods
  • Integrating Public Health Practice into IHS/Tribal Clinical & Health Services
  • Continuous Public Health Strategy & Innovation
  • Expanded & Enhanced Strategic Partnerships
  • Network of Proactive, Responsive to TECs or Tribes & Regions

To download a copy of the fact sheet about Tribal Epidemiology Center please click here.

Listing of Tribal Epidemiology Centers:

Alaska Native Tribal Epidemiology Center
Anchorage Alaska

Albuquerque Area Southwest Tribal Epidemiology Center
Albuquerque, New Mexico

California Tribal Epidemiology Center
Sacramento, California

Great Lakes Tribal Epidemiology Centers
Lac du Flambeau, Wisconsin

Inter-Tribal Council of Arizona Inc. Epidemiology Center
Phoenix, Arizona

Navajo Nation Tribal Epidemiology Center
Window Rock, Arizona

Northern Plains Tribal Epidemiology Center
Rapid City, South Dakota

Northwest Tribal Epidemiology Center
Portland, Oregon

Oklahoma Area Tribal Epidemiology Center
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Rocky Mountain Tribal Epidemiology Center
Billings, Montana

United South and Eastern Tribes Tribal Epidemiology Center
Nashville, Tennessee

Urban Indian Health Institute Epidemiology Center
Seattle, Washington


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