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Tribal Accreditation Learning Community (TALC) Webinar Series

TALC is a free, monthly webinar series held the second Friday of every month. It is designed for sharing and learning about public health accreditation in Tribal communities.

June 8, 2018
2:00pm-3:00pm Eastern Time

Digital Storytelling: Osage Nation

To develop and implement our quality improvement processes, the Osage Nation Health provided expert training to selected departments to incorporate the art of traditional storytelling into a digital format as a creative way to report to Osage Nation and the community. Using training and guidance, the departments used the cultural tradition of storytelling utilizing digital technology to evoke emotions through stories of improvements. Jaime Clark, Public Health Nurse with Osage Nation will discuss how they used the quality improvement plan, surveys, and community health assessments to provide guidance and goals for each department to focus their story. The digital stories were developed as a tool to update leadership, legislative, health board, and the community about activities and goals met by departments within Osage Nation. National Indian Health Board invites you to attend a Web seminar using WebEx.

What’s on the Horizon for Public Health Accreditation and Tribal ASI

As the 2017-2018 Tribal ASI Grant Cycle ends, we will discuss the end of the grant year expectations for deliverables, 2nd readiness assessments and final reports. We will also discuss what might be next for Tribal ASI and re-cap some resources that can assist you in your continued work towards your goals.


Past TALC Webinar Series Presentations

For Tribal Presentations, please see Stories from the Field


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