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September 2, 2016

Announcement of Public Release of the Draft HHS Essential Community Provider (ECP) List and Petition for the 2018 Benefit Year:

AFFORDABLE CARE ACT (ACA) UPDATE :From the Self-Governance  Communication and Education

September 2, 2016


Announcement of Public Release of the Draft HHS Essential Community Provider (ECP) List and Petition for the 2018 Benefit Year:


For the Marketplace’s 2018 benefit year, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has released the updated Essential Community Provider (ECP) Petition to collect more complete data from providers who qualify as an ECP and wish to appear on CMS’s ECP list for the 2018 benefit year.  The ECP petition is a web-based questionnaire that is available at the following link:


The Draft HHS ECP list for the 2018 benefit year is embedded within ECP petition and can be viewed by clicking the button “Check to see if you are on the list” under question 6 of the petition located at

Providers included on the draft HHS ECP list for the benefit year 2018 reflect those providers who submitted an ECP petition between December 9, 2015 and July 11, 2016 and were approved by CMS for inclusion on the ECP list through the ECP petition review process.  CMS has published this draft HHS list of ECPs to provide entities on the list an opportunity through the petition process to notify CMS of any necessary corrections and missing provider data.  In addition, CMS solicits providers who do not yet appear on the HHS ECP list but believe they satisfy the ECP inclusion criteria, as outlined in the ECP petition, to petition to be added to the list.


Providers who need technical assistance with the ECP petition or may have general questions may receive assistance by emailing their question(s) to the following mailbox: [email protected].  Providers should write in the subject line of the email the following: “Comments on ECP Petition.”


Two informational documents are attached pertaining to the federal Department of Health and Human Services Essential Community Provider Lists (HHS ECP Lists):


Two actions are needed to be taken by Indian Health Care Providers:

  • IHCPs have until 11:59 p.m. ET on October 15, 2016, for data corrections and additions to be considered for the 2018 ECP List.
  • All THOs already on the HHS ECP List should review their entries and update information as might be necessary. For instance, email contact information should be updated, if needed, to ensure that the health plans are able to contact the IHCP.

If you have questions about these documents, please contact Doneg McDonough, TSGAC Technical Advisor, at [email protected]


Thank you.

September 2, 2016

NEW NIHB Toolkit Focused on The Affordable Care Act for Native Youth!

The National Indian Health Board (NIHB), in partnership with the Indian Health Service is excited to debut “The Affordable Care Act: What Native Youth Need To Know” video; which shows future leaders of Indian Country as they experience Washington D.C. at the NIHB Youth Summit; interact with members of the Senate; leading policy officials; learn about the ACA and health care for Indian Country. The film then follows several of these young Native leaders to their home communities where they reflect on the lessons they learned in Washington D.C. and the importance of Tribal health care reform for themselves and their communities.

The Toolkit will feature:

  • A poster featuring several Native youth
  • A poster created by Native youth for Native youth
  • A brochure featuring content for Native youth to learn more about the ACA
  • A film production of the 2015 Native Youth Health Summit and participants as they speak to the ACA for Native youth

For any of this content in print form, please contact Chawin ‘Win’ Reilly at [email protected], or check out “Outreach and Education” materials tab on this webpage.

Film Announcement Flier Actual 9.1

July 18, 2016

Access the Marketplace Learning Management System (MLMS) Here!!

Go to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Service’s Enterprise Portal where the Marketplace Learning Management System (MLMS) is housed for Certified Application Counselors (CAC’s), Navigators, Non-Navigator assistors and other Enrollment Facilitators! Click Here!


August 11, 2016

IRS Summertime Tax Tip 2016-17: Find Easy-to-Use Online Tools on


August 3, 2016 and Social Media Resources Help Individual Taxpayers Understand ACA