Native Arts and Crafts Marketplace

The National Indian Health Board will be hosting its National American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month Marketplace November 18 – December 18.

Native Arts and Crafts Marketplace

About the Marketplace

The National Indian Health Board’s National Native American Heritage Month Marketplace offers an outstanding opportunity to showcase the talents and craftsmanship of American Indian and Alaska Native artists. The National Indian Health Board is providing the Native American Heritage Month Marketplace to the public, free of charge in order to promote Native-owned, small businesses and artists while respecting the fact that live gatherings are not being permitted right now in most parts of the country. Visitors will be able to browse listings and even make purchases directly through the marketplace via PayPal. It’s the perfect place to start your holiday shopping while supporting artists from across Indian Country. The Marketplace will be open November 18 – December 18, 2020.


What Do I Need to Participate?

Buyers and vendors will need to create an account on the virtual NIHB marketplace platform to be able to make purchases or vend through the marketplace. Vendors will also need to create a PayPal Business account to link to their marketplace account if they do not already have one. Buyers will not to be able to complete a transaction with a vendor if the vendor’s PayPal Business Account is not connected to their marketplace account. Click here to create a PayPal Business Account. 

How Do I Become a Vendor within the Marketplace? 

Vendors within the marketplace were selected based on their participation in past National Indian Health Board conferences. If you were a vendor at a past NIHB conference and would like to participate as a vendor in NIHB’s Native American Heritage Month Marketplace, please contact [email protected]

Minimum Transaction Amount

The minimum transaction amount allowed within the marketplace is $5.00. 

Transaction Fees

National Indian Health Board does not charge fees to vendors or buyers for transactions within the marketplace; however, PayPal charges a fee of 2.9% + $0.30 to vendors for each transaction. Click here to read more about PayPal’s fees.

Shipping Fees

National Indian Health Board does not regulate the shipping fees associated with items bought and sold through the marketplace. Vendors control the shipping fees associated with their listed items. 

When Will I Be Charged for a Purchased Item?

You will be charged only if the vendor accepts the transaction. The vendor needs to accept the transaction within 3 days. If the vendor declines or does not respond, no charge is made.


Any and all transactions processed through the marketplace are between the buyer and the vendor/seller of the purchased goods. The National Indian Health Board is not responsible for the fulfillment, shipping, condition, or quality of the goods ordered through the online marketplace.  NIHB is also not responsible for the timeliness of shipping, the prices of goods being sold, the communicativeness of vendors/sellers and buyers, the nature of communication between vendors/sellers and buyers, and the processing of payments. Buyers should contact the vendors directly for any questions or concerns regarding goods purchased through the marketplace.

Contact Us

To learn more about 2023 National Native American Heritage Month, or for media inquiries, please contact Ned Johnson at [email protected].

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