2012 National Indian Health Board Native Youth Summit Digital Story Films

In 2012 the Annual Consumer Conference in Denver, Colorado featured the 2nd Annual Native Youth Summit. This Summit brought together Native Youth from around Indian Country to develop digital stories focused on health and wellness in their communities. These stories created by the youth over a two day Digital Story workshop dealt with topics ranging from Obesity to Suicide to Stress and Cultural Identity.

  1. Life of an Urban Indian created by: Julian Black Crow (Northern Arapaho), Nathan Redhorse (Navajo/Chickasaw), Thomas Maddux (Hopi, Teywa, Sioux), Angel Bordeaux (Sioux, Lakota), and Nathan Sorto (Jemez)
  2. Suicide Prevention Story created by: Corina Williams (Village of Togiak) and Evrocenia Wassillie (Village of Togiak)
  3. The Character Within created by: Isabel Burger (Little River Band of Ottawa)
  4. The Comparison of an Urban Indian and Reservation Indian created by: Justice Hollingsworth and Dylan Mey
  5. This is my home Togiak, Alaska created by: Sean Williams (Village of Togiak)
  6. Stress created by Christopher Thorne (Apache/Ak-Chin Indian Community)
  7. Totem Pole created by: Teona Kinswa (Cowlitz Indian Tribe), Shana Lombard (Cowlitz Indian Tribe), Kendrick Hill (Choctaw/Cowlitz)
  8. Don’t Do It created by: Matene Jerome
  9. Change created by: Kaitlyn Martin (Oglala Sioux Tribe), Shianne Dillon (Oglala Sioux Tribe), Tylee Two Bulls (Oglala Sioux Tribe), Michelle Jack (Oglala Sioux Tribe)
  10. Are We Next? created by: Courtney Jones (Cherokee Nation) and Ashlee Wofford (Cherokee Nation)
  11. Our Perspective created by: Elias Her Many Horses (Dakota/Lakota/Taos Pueblo/Meskwaki/Ojibwe/Cheyenne), Keya Clairmont (Dakota/Lakota/Taos Pueblo/Meskwaki/Ojibwe/Cheyenne) and Katrina Her Many Horses (Dakota/Lakota/Taos Pueblo/Meskwaki/Ojibwe/Cheyenne)
  12. Looking up the Eyes of the Youth created by: Bryan Sherman (Oglala Sioux Tribe), Erin Miller (Oglala Sioux Tribe), Shay Little Whiteman (Oglala Sioux Tribe).

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