2015 Native Youth Health Summit
Youth Advocacy: Telling Your Story to Create Change
September 16-21, 2015

Summit Recap & Digital Stories

American Indian and Alaska Native youth from across the country came together in Washington, DC for the National Indian Health Board 6th Annual Native Youth Health Summit, “Youth Advocacy: Telling Your Story to Create Change”. NIHB hosted 24 youth from 11 different states and 14 different Tribal Nations and Alaska Native Villages.

The youth told personal stories about the health and resiliency of themselves, their families, and their communities. Topics included suicide, drug and alcohol abuse, violence against Native women, diabetes, and texting while driving. The Native youth were invited to share these stories with the US Senate Committee on Indian Affairs and The White House Department of Intergovernmental Affairs.

After two days of intense advocacy work, these high school students participated in a three day workshop by the Healthy Native Communities Partnership, Inc., and created digital stories to bring attention to these important health issues and share their vision of how to improve. Youth called for law makers to change policy in an effort to better the health and well-being of Indian Country. The youth showcased the digital stories at the US Capitol on Monday, September 21, in front of Tribal leaders, Tribal health directors, legislative aides and fellow Native youth. Wearing traditional regalia, these courageous young men and women called for change.

The National Indian Health Board will use these videos to elevate the voices of these Native youth, showcase the health and resiliency of Tribal communities, and advocate for important health programs and policy in Indian Country.

For more information contact Michelle Castagne at [email protected].

Digital Stories

“What strong young people. They are going through so much. But, one feels their sense of hope, optimism and courage. These videos are treasures. They are little windows into communities, families, Tribes. And they are current which runs so contrary to what most people see about Natives. All tribal leaders should see these!”

- Jeanne Givens, Coeur d’ Alene Tribal Elder
These digital stories were made in proud partnership with the Healthy Native Communities Partnership, Inc. Thank you!

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