Thank you to all attendees, sponsors, exhibitors, federal partners, and community members that made this Summit the largest Tribal Public Health Summit to date.

2015 National Tribal Public Health Summit
Strengthening the Circle: Building the Skills of the Tribal Public Health Workforce
April 7 - 9, 2015

Summit Presentations

NIHB would like to thank all of the speakers, facilitators and trainers that came to share their expertise and experiences with Summit attendees. The Summit featured over 40 breakout sessions and over 80 speakers. NIHB has collected presentations from almost all of the presentation during the Summit to share. They have been organized by the Summit track or event under which they were housed. We were not able to obtain all of the presentations, but we hope that the community finds this compendium helpful.

Pre-Summit Institutes

Best and Promising Practices in American Indian Public Health
Presenters: Donald Warne, Olivia Roanhorse, Renee Goldtooth, Robert Foley

Tips for Developing a Responsive Application – A Grant Writer and Project Director Resource
Presenters: Darren Buckner, Tom Brookshire

Opening Plenary

Office of Minority Health Federal Partner Presentation
Presenter: Dr. Nadine Gracia

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Federal Partner Presentation
Presenter: Dr. Judith Monroe

Closing Plenary

The Role of Public Health Policy in Tobacco Prevention Panel Presentation 1
Presenter: Kristine Rhodes

The Role of Public Health Policy in Tobacco Prevention Panel Presentation 2
Presenter: Kyla Retzer

The Role of Public Health Policy in Tobacco Prevention Panel Presentation 3
Presenter: Isaiah Brokenleg

Diabetes and Obesity Prevention Panel Presentation 1
Presenter: Rick Frey

Diabetes and Obesity Prevention Panel Presentation 1
Presenter: Connie Barker

Diabetes and Obesity Prevention Panel Presentation 1
Presenter: Dr. Alex Adams

Behavioral Health and Substance Use Track

Sharing Your Message with the Community Through Collaboration and Creativity: Lessons Learned From Choctaw Nation MSPI
Presenters: Melanie Jones, Tammie Cannady

A Strategic Roadmap for Building Capacity with a Native American Workforce to Implement Culturally Relevant, Effective School- and Community-Based Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse Prevention Services
Presenters: Abel Classay, Trena Bizardi, Kirk Massey

American Indian Parenting: Assessing the Teachings
Presenters: Jennifer Inciarte, Candice Kemble

Calricaraq System of Care: Learning From Our Ancestors How to Live a Healthy Life Today
Presenters: Rose Domnick, Ida Charlie, Mark Anaruk

Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR): An Overview and Demonstration
Presenters: Summer Welcher-Duke, Rebecca Bundy

Prescription Opiate Drug Abuse
Presenters: Irene Miller, Charlie Two Bears Strickland

The Coming of the Blessing: A Successful Collaborative Effort and How Far We Have Come
Presenters: Carol Arnold, Denise Aragon

Tribal Behavioral Health Agenda – An Approach to Improve Wellness in Tribal Communities
Presenters: Mirtha Beadle, Dr. Alec Thundercloud

What’s Your Risk: What American Indian Adolescents Are Saying
Presenters: Deborah Scott

Accreditation and Quality Improvement Track

Healing Our People: A Lean Healthcare Approach
Presenters: Patrick Anderson

Supporting Tribal Community Health Assessment and Improvement Planning: Identifying Priorities Through Comprehensive Community-Based Strategies
Presenters: Shannon Laing, Julia Heany, Lisa Myers

Tribal Behavioral Health Agenda – An Approach to Improve Wellness in Tribal Communities
Presenters: Mirtha Beadle

Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Track

Addressing Young Worker Safety and Health Through Partnerships with Tribal Communities
Presenters: Elisabeth Dalsey, Rebecca Guerin

Do I Really Have to Do This?": The Basics of Public Health Program Evaluation
Presenters: Robert Foley

From the Ground Up: Cultivating Community Gardens
Presenters: Karrie Joseph

Health Equity Through Partnerships in American Indian Communities
Presenters: Heather Levi

Hepatitis C Breakthroughs: New Cures, Best Practice & Health Equity
Presenters: Jessica Leston

The Development of Culturally Appropriate HPV Vaccine Educational Materials for American Indian Parents of Adolescents
Presenters: Meggan McCann

The Eastern Shoshone’s Implementation of the Chronic Care Model: Our Evolution, Lessons Learned, and Our Future
Presenters: Catherine Keene, Elizabeth Shield, Naomi Harris, Kellie Webb

The Integration of Health Protection and Health Promotion: Practical Interventions for the Workplace
Presenters: Constance Franklin

Public Health Law and Policy Track

Advocacy 101: The Essentials of Impacting Indian Public Health Policy
Presenters: Caitrin Shuy

Creating Tribal Laws and Policies to Promote Healthy Eating
Presenters: Julie Ralston Aoki, Melanie Plucinski, Anne Walaszek

Evaluation of the Tribal Health Profession Opportunity Grants (HPOG) Program
Presenters: Michael Meit, Loretta Heuer

Shaping the Future of Indian Children: Child Welfare Law and Policy
Presenters: Joaquin Gallegos

Taking a Public Health Approach to the Issue of "Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women" in the United States
Presenters: Hannabah Blue, Tanaya Winder

Mid-Level Dental Provider Symposium

Dental Health Aide Therapy Model

DHAT Legal and Policy Framework

Mid-Level Dental Providers Symposium

State Legislatures - Process and Strategy

Affordable Care Act Training

Please visit the Tribal Health Reform Resource Center: http://www.nihb.org/tribalhealthreform/presentations

Health Information Technology Training

Please visit the HITECH Resource Center: http://www.nihb.org/hitech

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