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NIHB Assistance Request Form

NIHB can conduct conference calls, webinars and specialized workshops covering a range of topics to support the sharing of grantee’s innovative strategies to increase accessibility of traditional healthy foods in their communities, preserving traditional ways of health, and sharing stories of hope for preventing obesity and type 2 diabetes. These services are available to all the NDWP Traditional Foods grantees and can be provided by phone, fax, email, or online. Examples of technical assistance and cross-program sharing that grantees can access include the following:
  • Traditional Foods Grantee visits to other traditional foods communities (travel supported by the NIHB contract)
  • Resource identification
  • Information sharing and dissemination
  • Online forums
  • Webinars, website, and social media
  • Partnership development with other tribal entities and others engaging in traditional foods efforts
  • Facilitation of selected Traditional Foods Grantee presentations at two conferences during the course of the contract

Please specify what kinds of services you are requesting:
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Tele-assisted Training or Technical Assistance (through phone & email)
Electronic Resource Request
Webinar Training or Technical Assistance (via Webex system)
Selected Traditional Foods Grantee visits to other Native community engaged in traditional foods efforts
Selected Traditional Foods Grantee travel to two conferences to present on their traditional foods efforts

Describe the technical scope of activities requested:

Identify the timeline of needed assistance, if applicable:

Tribe & Program Information

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Contact Information

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NIHB Contacts:

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