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Public Health Services and Systems Research

NIHB and NORC have partnered to provide a comprehensive evaluation of the design, implementation and outcomes of three Tribal Health Professions Opportunities grants aimed at improving the strength and diversity of the Tribal health professional workforce and ultimately, the significant disparities in health care access experienced by Tribal Communities. This project has provided the foundation necessary to address the significant health disparities experienced by the AI/AN populations and build upon the many strengths and assets that exist within AI/AN communities. The deep understanding of Tribal and public health issues and expertise in collecting and analyzing quantitative and qualitative data, the partnership between NIHB and NORC is uniquely suited to conduct this project.

In this partnership, NIHB and NORC will:
  1. Conduct enhanced analysis of the data recently collected NIHB in their initial assessment of Tribal health departments and provide comparisons to similar data on state and local health departments.
  2. Gather supplemental qualitative data.
  3. Develop recommendations for future NIHB data collection efforts and ways to harmonize the data with profiles of state and local health departments.


A Profile of Tribal Health Departments (PDF)

A Profile of Tribal Health Departments - Research Brief (PDF)

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