NIHB Zika Webinars

We invite you to tune into this NIHB webinar, titled Zika Virus and Pregnancy, that was delivered in collaboration with the CDC Birth Defects Task Force on December 19, 2016. This webinar provides a brief overview of the Zika Virus, and specifically discusses the threat this virus poses to pregnant mothers and their fetuses. Zika Virus is a known cause of birth defects, including Congenital Zika Syndrome and microcephaly. Participants will also receive information about the CDC-developed US Zika Pregnancy Registry, which is a surveillance tool used to monitor pregnancy and infant outcomes following Zika Virus infection to inform clinical guidance and public health response.

Conference Materials

Audio Recording - CLICK HERE


NIHB Contact:

Carolyn Angus-Hornbuckle, JD
Director of Public Health Policy and Programs

National Indian Health Board
910 Pennsylvania Ave, SE
Phone: 202-507-4089
Washington, DC 20003
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