California SDPI Program Hosts a Site Visit with Staff from the Office of Congressman Ken Calvert (CA)

On August 30th, the Riverside San Bernardino County Indian Health Inc. Diabetes Program hosted an SDPI program site visit with Alexandra Berenter, Legislative Assistant, in the office of Representative Ken Calvert from California’s 42nd District.

The Riverside San Bernardino Diabetes Program staff provided an agenda of the visit to Alexandra with several background items (fact sheets from the NIHB site) two days before the visit. The visit began with a brief introduction and tour of the facility led by Clinical Director, Dr. Karen Davis. After an elder from the Torres Martinez Tribe provided a blessing, Dr. Kendall Shumway, the Diabetes Program Director, gave a brief overview of the history of SDPI and what would happen if that funding was not reauthorized.

The Clinic receives both the SDPI Community Directed Grant and the Healthy Heart grant. Two program staff each spoke about the success of both of these programs in the local community. The most powerful part of these presentations were two participants from the Clinic’s Healthy Program, Coy Shook and Sherri Wilson, sharing their personal experience of being diagnosed with Diabetes and the impact of SDPI and Healthy Heart in particular. They both expressed feeling a part of a family with the Clinic’s Healthy Heart staff and other participants.


Alexandra Berenter (Calvert 42), Coy Shook (Healthy Heart Participant), Kendall Shumway DPM, Diabetes Director Maria Adams (Soboba Clinic Coordinator), Karen Davis MD (Clinical Director), Alexandra Berenter
Antonia Roots, ACSM HFS (Exercise Specialist)
Karen Davis MD (Clinical Director at RSBCIHI), Annette Chihuahua (Board President), Alexandra Berenter, Kendall Shumway DPM