Exhibitors Setting Up for the Summit


NIHB Celebrating 40 Years


Summit Attendees in the Main Foyer


During the Opening Ceremony for the Summit, the Cherokee Color Guard and Dr. Jennifer Giroux presented the Colors


NIHB Board member, Lester Secatero (Albuquerque Area) gave the Opening Prayer during the Opening Ceremony


Cathy Abramson, Chairperson NIHB Board (Bemidji Area), addressing the morning Plenary and kicking off the Summit on Wednesday, May 30th


Summit attendees in the morning plenary on Wednesday, May 30th


Martin Harvier, NIHB Board member (Phoenix Area), addressing the Summit on Wednesday, May 30th


Dr. Charles Grim, Senior Director for Health Services, Cherokee Nation, offering the Welcome Address from the Cherokee Nation on Wednesday, May 30th


Diana Autabo offering the welcome address from the Oklahoma City Area Inter-Tribal Health Board on Wednesday, May 30th


Cathy Abramson introducing Geoff Roth, Senior Advisor to the Director of Indian Health Service


Geoff Roth, Senior Advisor to the Director of Indian Health Service, addressing the morning plenary


Martin Havier, NIHB Board Member


National Tribal Public Health Summit MarketPlace


Shondra McCage, Chairperson for the Awakening the Spirity/American Diabetes Association presenting on the Special Diabetes Program for Indian Panel featured during the Wednesday morning plenary


Diddy Nelson, Executive Director, Oklahoma City Area Inter-Tribal Health Board and Tom Anderson, Director, OCAITHB Tribal Epidemiology Center


An Afternoon Workshop on Building Tribal/State Partnerships to Improve Access to Health offered under the Accreditation/Law & Policy Track


Paul Allis, Public Health Director and Tierney Lancaster, Exhibitor Coordinator staff the Summit Information Desk


During the Welcome Reception, Internationally Renowned Cherokee Nation Youth Choir entertained the Summit guests with their beautiful music


Welcome Reception in the 18th Floor, Sky Room of the Hard Hotel and Casino


Board Members and Summit Attendees enjoy the Receptions entertainment


J.T. Petherick, Cherokee Nation Health Services, emcee's the Welcome Reception's activities


Day Two's Morning Plenary begins with a wonderful presentation from Dr. David Perdue on the epidemic of cancer in Indian Country


Sally Smith, NIHB Board Secretary (Alaska Area) introduces the Public Health Law Panel


Montrece Ranson, JD, MPH, Senior Public Health Analyst, OSTLTS, CDC speaks first on the overview of Public Health Law Program at the CDC


Clifford Rees, JD, Network for Public Health Law at the University of New Mexico, also shares with the morning plenary new developments in public health law and how Tribes can become involved


Paul Allis, Public Health Director address the morning plenary to discuss updates on Public Health Accreditation


Jane Semple Umsted, Summit Artist, thanks NIHB for allowing her to become involved in this year's Public Health Summit


Matt Ignacio, Capacity Building Liaison, National Native American AIDs Prevention Center (NNAAPC) discusses preventing HIV among Injection Drug Users in Native Communities during an afternoon workshop on Thursday, May 31st


David Stone, Education Specialist, Public Health Accreditation Board, provides an overview of the Public Health Accreditation process with Summit attendees during a workshop


Clifford Rees, speaks during a workshop on Public Health Law and Interjuisdictional Legal Authorities for Tuberculosis (TB) Control


Kevin English, Director, Albuquerque Area Tribal Epidemiology Center, shows off NIHB's 40th Year Anniversary T-shirt!


Miss Cherokee joins NIHB at the Cherokee Nation sponsored Culture Night on Thursday, May 31st


Board members: Sally Smith, Lester Secatero, and Buford Rolin enjoying the Culture Night presentations and activities


Cherokee Nation Adult Choir share songs with the Summit Attendees during the Thursday's Culture Night Celebration


Cherokee Nation Historical Teacher shares Cherokee traditions and dance with the Summit attendees


NIHB Board members: Cathy Abramson and Michelle Hayward with Jennifer Cooper, Legislative Director, NIHB enjoying Culture Night