2016 Messaging Toolkit

Please see NIHB’s 2016 Messaging Toolkit. This toolkit was designed to help tribal organizations navigate through messaging steps for the American Indian/Alaska Native community. Below you will find a powerpoint presentation that NIHB presents as insight to the process. The toolkit is complete with a table of contents, 10 Steps Chart, 10 Steps to Getting your Message Out,  Sample Messaging, Example Social Media Posts, How to Use Email, Radio PSA, Radio Pitch.

If you would like NIHB to present this webinar to your organization, please contact Win Reilly at [email protected].

If you would like to download NIHB’s entire toolkit, please click here. Otherwise, select the individual documents below you wish to view

  1. Media and Messaging Toolkit (PDF)
  2. 10 Steps Chart (PDF)
  3. 10 Steps to Getting your Messaging Out (PDF)
  4. Sample  Messaging (PDF)
  5. Example Social Media Posts (PDF)
  6. How To Use Email (PDF)
  7. Radio PSA (PDF)
  8. Radio Pitch (PDF)

ACA Messaging Powerpoint Presentation (PDF)

New addendum document for this toolkit! Creating Community Events For Enrollment NIHB