Medicaid Expansion: Fact Sheets

Tribal Options in Those States Not implementing Medicaid Expansion
Prepared by Jim Roberts and Elliott Milhollin

The Tribal Medicaid Option Paper explains two possible alternative proposals for states that choose not to participate in the Medicaid Expansion: the premium assistance model (popularly known as the Arkansas model) and section 1115 demonstration waiver. By exploring these possibilities, more American Indians and Native Americans can be covered by health insurance.

Medicaid Expansion: A Good Deal For Montana

The Montana Budget and Policy Center drafted a brief explaining the importance of Medicaid Expansion for Montana. Failure to participate in Medicaid expansion would come at a high cost for Montana. It would create a devastating gap between the insured and those who otherwise should have benefited from the Affordable Care Act (ACA). It would continue to place thousands of Montanans at incredible financial risk and forgo an opportunity to improve health care for American Indians. Furthermore, failure to expand Medicaid would be a missed opportunity to improve Montana’s economy and create jobs across the state.

To read the report click here. 

Visualizing Health Policy: Medicaid Expansion under the Affordable Care Act

The Kaiser Family Foundation’s Infographic provides an insight of the current status of the Medicaid Expansion and considers who will be covered under the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) Medicaid expansion provisions, which states have opted to implement or not implement the ACA Medicaid expansion, the proportion of non-elderly uninsured individuals who will likely remain uninsured, how Medicaid will streamline the enrollment process, and how the cost of the Medicaid will be funded by the federal and state governments.

To view: infographic medicaid expansion.

Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium Study

on Economical Impacts of Medicaid Expansion in Alaska

The Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium (ANTHC) commissioned a study on the fiscal and economic impacts of Medicaid Expansion in Alaska. This independent study by Northern Economics found that expanding Medicaid coverage in Alaska would result in a significant positive impact for the state’s economy, including a $2.33 billion cumulative increase in business sales during the first six years.

As noted below, this is the first of two studies commissioned. The second, report, which  explains Medicaid coverage and costs in Alaska under various Medicaid Expansion  alternatives available to Alaska, will be released in a few weeks.

ANTHC Press Release_Medicaid Expansion

Fiscal and Economic Impacts of Medicaid Expansion in Alaska