TTAG Subcommittees: ACA Policy

The ACA Policy Subcommittee meets bi-weekly on Thursdays from 4-5 pm EST to discuss issues pertaining to the Affordable Care Act that can affect American Indians and Alaska Natives, including the health insurance marketplace and Medicaid Expansion.


Chair: Jim Roberts

TTAG Members: Joe Finkbonner, Dee Sabattus, Phil Norrgard, Ron Allen

CMS: Vannetta Harrisoon, John Johns, Kitty Marx, Lisa Wilson, Lisa Marie, Pete Nakahata, Rachel Ryan, Cyndi Gillaspie, Amy Erhardt

IHS: Sherriann Moore,  Tammy Clay, Sue Clain, Andrea Patton,  Raho Ortiz


TTAG ACA Policy Subcommittee Agendas:


ACA October 2015 Agenda

ACA December 2015 Agenda