TTAG Subcommittees: Outreach and Education

The TTAG Outreach and Education Subcommittee meets monthly to discuss strategies and plans for outreach efforts to educate American Indians and Alaska Natives about the provisions in the Affordable Care Act that will positively affect their health care.

Chair: Dee Sabatus

TTAG Representatives/Alternates: Joe Finkbonner, Roselyn Begay

CMS: Bonnie Hillsberg, John Johns, Georgey Sparks, Rachel Ryan

IHS: Sue Clain, Sherriann Moore

Technical Advisers/Members: Tyra Wittenborn, Terra Branson, Brandon Biddle, Jay Stiener, Carlyle Begay, Mim Dixon, Jonathan Hale, Robert Weaver, Liz Malerba, Emma Medicine White Crow, Lori Joshweseoma, Robert TwoBears, Diddy Nelson, Ed Fox, Sherrie Varner, Jerry Moses, Lisa Griggs,  Lorena Skonberg


Official Meeting Notes:

January 2013 Meeting Notes

February 2013 Meeting Notes

March 2013 Meeting Notes

July 2013 Meeting Notes