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Tribal Public Health Week 2024

Tribal Public Health at NIHB

Public health, by definition, is the collective effort of a society to ensure the conditions conducive to well-being. This principle holds true across all communities, including American Indians and Alaska Natives. Long before colonization, Tribal Nations were leaders in Public Health as native foods and sacred medicines were plentiful. Now, Tribal Nations, Public Health Leaders, and American Indian/Alaska Natives continue those traditions amid a resiliency that has defined generations fighting for health equity in Indian Country.

Tribes, Tribal health departments, Tribal organizations, and every individual within these communities possess the inherent flexibility and authority to craft systems tailored to their unique needs. Through these endeavors, they strive to elevate health outcomes and foster holistic well-being.

Where does the National Indian Health Board fit into Tribal Public Health?

NIHB stands as a the united voice of the 574 federally recognized Tribes. As a nonprofit organization deeply committed to Tribal health, we provide a variety of services to reinforce Tribal sovereignty, strengthen Tribal health systems, secure resources, and build capacity to achieve the highest level of health and well-being for our People.

From policy formation and analysis to meticulously tracking legislation and regulations, NIHB serves as a steadfast guardian of Tribal interests on the national stage. We also provide vital training and technical assistance programs, fostering capacity-building within Tribal Nations.

NIHB stands as a cornerstone of support, amplifying the voices and spirits of Tribal communities as they work tirelessly towards improved health and well-being for the next seven generations.

National Indian Health Board
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